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Multnomah Waterfalls - Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is at the Oregon / Washington border.

In addition to Multnomah Falls, there many other beautiful waterfalls,
great hikes and water activities to enjoy.  A trip or vacation to the Columbia River Gorge is highly recommended.

Other related Photo Slideshows are also presented in 'Collection set 02'.  They may be reached from the homepage
area =  'Many Photo Collections'and buttons 'Auto Slide'... or ... 'You Slide'
An image below provides information on the 6 albums presented in  'Collection set 02'.
Contained are 7 waterfalls and their great related hikes ... and a water cruise (on a sternwheeler) and area overview.

Collection02 summary

You can see from above image, and especially by viewing the full album content, that there is a lot to enjoy. Several links below provide more information about the activities that can be enjoyed by a visit.

More information:
More water falls information:

Several more images below provide useful information.

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