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McBride Trail: Colorful views and zoomed views

The McBride Trail is a beautiful PV hike - behind houses, viewing Pacific Ocean. Location details are provided by separate album = "RPV's McBride Trail - map related info"

This album's photos feature views seen in Colorful years or captured with camera zooming.

Color emphasis is on two colors. One is Green (Verde) emphasis: photos that capture the marvelous green that covers the hills when there has been a lot of rain (2005).

The other is Yellow emphasis: photos that capture the marvelous yellow that a springtime bloom of Wild Mustard Plant produces. The degree to which this blooming can cover the PV hills is very amazing (4/3/2008).

Photos taken with camera zoom sometimes allows better capture of what your eyes can see; and sometimes of details so far away that the human eye cannot see them.

Colorful years require a very good rainfall year. Perhaps the table below would be of interest. More colorful years are coming - look at the long term history.

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