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Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks

Yosemite National Park is marvelous. I hope my photos and two waterfall videos help you agree.

If you like to have website information to accompany the photos, I offer three links below that are worth reviewing.

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Special notes:

The 2nd Album is a presentation of our 2011 visit - following a great snowfall year. The main goal of this Album is to conclude by using videos to present the feeling and sound of roaring water that make some visits very special. The photos are somewhat repetitive of album 1.

An image in the 2nd album shows a nice summary of being able to visit when a major snowfall is melting.
You can pause the image display and read it --- or you can look at the source website:

In Yosemite there is a redwoods grove (Mariposa).  It is worth visiting and so it in presented as the 5th album.

It is nice, but seemed to need a companion to make the Southern California redwood story more complete.

Therefore, the sixth album in this collection is about the Sequoia National Park - a major redwood forest treat.