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You can spend NO time looking for an album and still enjoy seeing one by using either of the two links just below:

1  RANDOMLY Select album >   for Computers *   for Mobiles **

For Mobiles (also OK for computers), a small download method can be used with either of the links below. They provide short text based descriptions of photo albums:

2   Album Selection via Text Content Descriptions ***
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You can scroll all albums with link below:

Use Pictorial Content Display for Album Selection

The above provides image based information on content but requires a substantial data download and is best for computers.

demo If you have trouble, Video 'usage examples' are available to help. Learn a lot in < 1 minute!

* Computers = PCs, Labtops (stationary monitors & usually a mouse & vertical scrolling)
** Mobiles = Cell Phones, Tablets (rotatable monitors & finger horizontal scrolling)
"for Computers" & "for Mobiles" are ONLY suggestions - any devices can use either

Why change? Many web based photo viewers seem to simply want to scroll and select what to see. No instruction - just "show me what you got". So I changed my website to this style!

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