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Welcome to Dick's Website

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The "About Website" menu opens a page of information that provides 'contact' information.
It also provides an overview that is "recommended reading"
--- to be considerd before working with the information presented here!

Briefest Instructions:
If usage seems obvious, just go for it! Click the photomontage image or
"PLAY ..."
button in the Photo Album Presentation  (at top of 'home' page)
or use any of 5 buttons that open other viewing options.

To get familiar with accessing ALL photos, do the 3 steps in image below:

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Consider Watching 52 second video before reading below

Info about controls on 'Photo Album's Presentation' features
- used extensively in this webpage -

Right icons:
Sometimes: "More Information"
Next Album  >> 
Start Automatic sliding   |>

Very useful 52 second lesson in lower right

6 Center icons =     o o o o o o   = You select album

Left icons:
<<   Previous Album 
[]  Stop Automatic sliding

Info about finding the 'Photo Collection' that you want to see
- a primary method for using this webpage -
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The 'Family' button is briefly discussed by three comments:

1.) Usage requires that a 'password' be obtained from the webmaster. Photo content uses procedures discussed here but no special information is presented.

2.) There is content that family members would enjoy seeing and family is encouraged to get a password and have a look.

3.) Sometimes emails to family members will direct you to use this feature.