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Click link below to see video of 4 album display options:
  'Computers' Random select; 'Mobiles' Random;
  'Computers' List select;   'Mobiles' List

Video takes about 60 seconds for topics above.

See PC1 video of 4 usage modes as done on PC

Click link below to see video about 5th major photo album selection option:
  "Use Pictorial Content Display for Album Selection"

Video takes about 50 seconds to show the task just above and also
shows how to change the album you are seeing from 'computers' to 'mobiles' mode.  Video also shows the 'mobiles' status now allowing starting an 'automatic slideshow' for photo change.

   See PC2 video of 'Pictorial Content Display for Album Selection' + more

Click link below to see video about iPhone6 usage of my website.
 1st is "mobiles" device mode on iphone6 of Album =
     "Yosemite Valley and..."

 2nd is "computers" device mode on iphone6 of Album =
     "Scott shared beautiful sunsets..." album"

Video takes about 50 seconds. You will see that rotating device to horizontal makes images appear larger - which is nice! Also notice that "for computers" mode works very well - maybe best?.

   See video of website usage using iPhone (mobile device)

Normally use CLOSE button after video ends - but it's OK at any time