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Lake Tahoe : Great Inn, Trail & Attractions
(California side, So. Lake Tahoe region)

The Inn was the Chaney House in Homewood, CA 96141

A link that specifically addresses the Rubicon Trail is:


The trail featured in the photos is Rubicon Trail
D.L. Bliss - a Ca. State Park
to Emerald Bay.

The historic residence shown was: Sugar Pine Point State Park

NOT shown was Vikingsholm ( ) in Emerald Bay.
One should consider touring this 'Tahoe's Hidden Castle'.

Special topic for photo enthusiasts:
To see a very impressive 'google photo sphere' view from the trail,
use these coordinates as the search key in Google
Then open the Google map, zoom in around the red marker, switch to 'Earth' view,
and click the 'person icon' in lower right and click on blue dot that appears at the marker.
You are then able to slide images as if you were there and rotating around 360 degrees.
EXIT this feature with arrow in upper left.
Tips about and two examples of this feature are seen in:
For more info: search: 'google photo sphere'.