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About the Website

Richard (Dick) McNair
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Purpose:  Mostly to share photos
The collections are best described as mostly photo journalism about outdoor locations. Few photos, if any, belong in a 'best photo' contest.
Many of the photo collections will help you know about and enjoy wonderful destinations. Many are about Palos Verdes, California.
Established in July, 2002 - modernized in May 2016 and
it was revised in 2020 to have a much simpler user interface.
The primary photo viewing is done with one of five Home Page links.
There are modes for "Horizontal scroll"  or  for "Vertical scroll" (Classic) 

This is my private domain and Website on DREAMHOST - NO advertising, NO data gathering, nothing bad. Just for sharing photos with friends.
Version: 8.0 - April 2020

More Details

The photos presented are normally about a place or event (or both). They naturally belong grouped - the common method is an 'Albums' (used here).  This website adds one more level of grouping - herein called 'Collections'. Collections usually consist of 6 Albums.  Many albums show a circular 'More Information" icon. Please consider clicking it.

The April 2020 release of this website has 6 Collections;  36 Albums and 969 photos (and 8 videos).

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